In March of 2000, Dr. David Anderson, co-author of the book “Letters Across the Divide” and founding Pastor of Bridgeway Community Church, met with the leadership board of the church for the purpose of discussing a strategy to bring the message of Racial Reconciliation and multicultural effectiveness beyond the boundaries of the Bridgeway Community Church and into the wider context of the world around us. Due to the overwhelming response to Dr. Anderson’s book and the effectiveness of the Bridgeway model, the board unanimously embraced the concept of starting a separate non-profit organization towards the pursuit of this vision. Hence, the BridgeLeader Network was born.

The BridgeLeader Network, Inc (BLN) is a private non-profit 501 (c )(3) organization whose mission is to assist, inspire and develop organizations to increase multicultural effectiveness.

Since it’s beginning, BLN has offered churches, businesses and corporations solutions to the problems of racial difference and offers proactive strategies to help them live the value of reconciliation and effective multiculturalism while making a profit. Today, BLN has on-going relationships with Fortune 500 companies, accredited universities, and other companies that desire to have a thriving and diverse workplace.